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Muva Birth Doula Macon GA

Every pregnancy is a journey that is special to mom and baby.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, each pregnancy and birth story is unique and special. Having the birth plan you want, unwavering support, and resources to educate you on options during your birth journey can be a magical but real and possible experience.  MUVA believes in that spiritual and wholesome journey.  

What Are The Benefits Of A Doula?

A doula does not give medical advice, perform medical procedures or make any decisions on your behalf. Their job is to help you understand your options and help you communicate your decisions on your own. They are an extra set of support during a time of change, hormones, intensity, and transition while breathing positive affirmations into your experience.

About MUVA

Neo is a mom of three kids in Macon, Georgia, and is a doula practitioner and the creator of MUVA. Her path to doing birth work started after her first birthing experience was undesirable. With the lack of respect from hospital staff and even laughing at her wishes, she knew the next birth could not be the same. By her second child, her pull to help others with their birthing journey was undeniable. She truly believes that birth is an empowering ritual that she describes as an awakening. She is a private doula service that caters to families looking for private support who desire a more natural, primal, and indigenous birth experience. She’s ready to assist your journey into motherhood with laughter, knowledge, support, and maybe even a prenatal twerk session or Netflix binge-watching. 


MUVA serves moms in Macon, Atlanta, Warner Robins, Middle Georgia, and surrounding areas. They offer many services at various prices to help people from all walks of life love their birthing journey soul-deep. These includes:

  • Assistance with home birth, hospital births, and birth center births
  • Birthing Doula Care
  • Postpartum Doula Care 
  • Virtual Doula Care
  • A La Carte Virtual Birth Education
  • Private Doula Prenatal
  • Subscriptions

Additionally, MUVA offers support to teens, single parents, couples, LGBTQ+ families, and VBACs 

Special Skills

Neo strives to connect with all families in need of her support and wisdom. She offers subscriptions to access her personally, even after the baby arrives. Her support doesn’t stop at mom and baby but extends to everyone there to support them along the way. MUVA can teach your support system appropriate comfort measures during labor and postpartum

Postpartum support can be a major asset to new or seasoned moms. C-section, bed rest to just tired out, let your MUVA doula be your very own magical Marry Poppins. Food, dishes, rocking a fussy baby or laundry can be handled while you recover. 

Choose MUVA for Your Birthing Journey

One can never have too much support on the path of motherhood. MUVA is ready to build you up and support your journey. Visit the MUVA doula site and see all it has to offer.

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