Schultze’s Perry GA | Best Old-Fashioned Burger and Shake Shop

Do you miss the old-fashioned burger and shake stops? Or maybe you are looking for somewhere really unique to take the kids? Schultze’s in Perry GA is a fantastic little gem that you and the whole family are bound to love!

About Schultze’s in Perry GA

Schultze’s is a local family-owned small business located at 757 Carroll St in Perry, GA. Schultze’s has earned its title as a neighborhood staple, welcoming the community to enjoy its amenities and fun foods. They take pride in the food and ice cream they serve, as it is their passion and dream!


Schultze’s in Perry, GA menu offers a fantastic selection of foods, sodas, and ice cream creations, including monthly specials and custom sundaes made to order! Home of the Chrome Plated Burger, they also serve great milkshakes, malts, floats, and sundaes. On their menu, you can also find old favorites such as egg creams, strawberry blondes, brown cows, fresh-cut fries, and fresh pressed burgers. Alongside their regular menu, they also offer a kid’s menu and specialty sodas, including the flavors mango, marshmallow, tiger’s blood, blue raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, cherry, and cream soda, with the ability to mix flavors! 

On top of their monthly specials, they also have weekly sundae specials, made with variety and fun in mind! A few of Schultze’s in Perry, GA, past weekly Sunday unique creations are: 

  • The Rainbow Unicorn Sundae
    • Unicorn star’s ice cream is layered and topped with fruity pebbles, rainbow gummies, rainbow ropes, cotton candy, unicorn cookies, a unicorn cake bar, strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, and fruity pebbles frosted sugar cone.
  • The Cookie Split
    • Oreo, cookie dough, and Michigan pothole ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, caramel, peanut butter, oreo cereal, cookie crisp, Reese’s pieces, oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookies, fudge stripe cookies, and a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.
  • The Shark Week Sundae
    • Vanilla ice cream layered with dark strawberry “blood,” baby shark cereal, and topped with a shark face sugar cone, gummy sharks, gummy shark teeth, Swedish fish, a shark lollipop, whipped cream, more “blood,” and a mini ice cream sandwich covered in more strawberry “blood!” 

Without a doubt, Schultze’s has a few creative minds behind the scenes who dedicated themselves to fun and flavor!

Schultze’s in Perry GA Specialties

While Schultze’s in Perry, GA, offers indoor/outdoor seating and malt, it also encourages everyone to enjoy themselves. Schultze hosts many events such as raffles and drawings, balloon animal artists, and Daddy Daughter Date Night! They also participate in city-wide events such as Perry Restaurant Week, Perry Presents, Open Streets Perry, and The Perry International Festival. 

Schultze’s Perry GA

Schultze’s in Perry GA specializes in sodas and sundaes and ensures customers have a one-of-a-kind experience with a welcome community. This is definitely the place to check out, and make sure to get your very own custom extreme sundae! 

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