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This is your family, 

It's about motion and feeling, and yes, a bit of chaos too. It's giving your all in love and soaking up that affection in return. It's everything to you.

Why would you opt for Macon family photos that overlook these elements? Simple answer: you shouldn't. (That's why you've come to us, isn't it?)

So let's try this at your next lifestyle family session: Gather wildflowers, wander and explore, cuddle up tight, and laugh out loud. 

And the photos will come naturally.

be yourselves.

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family photographer in macon ga

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Why? Because I understand the profound feeling of holding a photo where you truly see your family. It's not about perfect hair, but about capturing moments like wild giggles at Dad's jokes or sleepy heads nestled on my chest. These images evoke genuine connection.

I'm dedicated to providing you with that authentic experience. Instead of seeking the "perfect" smile, we'll unveil something far more meaningful. (And undeniably beautiful as well.)

No forced smiles
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Hi, I'm Melissa!

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- Tiffany

“Melissa captures the laughter and love in a family even when the kids are running around being kids.”

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- renee miller

“My business wouldn't have grown so much this year without her help.”


This approaches ensures that each photo radiates the genuine emotions and bonds shared within your family.

The essence of lifestyle photography is preserving authentic moments, free from stiff poses. I'll help you through organic cues to encapsulate your family's dynamics.

Be it the joy of play or the warmth of genuine moments, as your Macon GA family photographer, I focus on fostering a relaxed atmosphere for your family's genuine expression.

Authentic. Unposed. Candid.



Take a second to honor this amazing thing you’re doing. Your Macon maternity session is all about feeling beautiful in your body and capturing the anticipation of this season. 


full of personality

photo sessions


Capturing those oh-so-snuggly moments with a Macon newborn photography session. Our lifestyle studio session is focused on that new little person and your beautiful family in a gentle, relaxed session.

I looooove the energy of family photography. Kids running around, parents playing. It’s a little wild, yeah, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. Whether in studio or outdoors, your family photography in Macon Ga will be a blast.

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- Mercedes

"Every session, every photo, I literally want them all. They’re all like art. I cannot open an album from her without completely crying!"

what CLIENTS are saying

- renee miller

“My business wouldn't have grown so much this year without her help.”


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These images show the heart of who you are and become some of your most precious pieces of art.

You know all those snapshots living on your phone? They’re great, we love them … but they don’t exactly have staying power. Yet the images on your walls, filling your albums? Those are the pieces that take all those memories and make them solid.

Printed images have some real life magic in them. That’s why I offer heirloom-quality art and simple ordering right from my online storefront. Helping you easily print your photos is so, so important to me as your Macon family photographer.

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You’re a mom. I’m a mom. We both know how much there is to manage before we even think about scheduling your Macon family photography session. So here’s my promise: I’ll handle all the details.

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Details Like:

  • Thoughtful prep guides
  • Access to my curated client closet
  • Styling tips & resources
  • Custom location scouting
  • A natural light studio in a historic home
  • Simple guidance (aka no strict posing)
  • A playful, kid-led session
  • Expert photo editing
  • Seamless print ordering 

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Family Photographer in Macon GA