Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences: Explore for Unforgettable Family Memories

Macon is home to plenty of family-friendly activities and adventures. Still, the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences is among the best attractions for kids and adults alike! Whether you’re into art, animals, or outer space, this incredible museum has something for everyone. Check out some highlights right here! 

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Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences

Igniting Curiosity and Lifelong Learning: The Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences (MAS)

The Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences (MAS) was established with a clear vision: to create a hub of academic excellence that celebrates the fascinating blend of arts and sciences through engaging hands-on activities. The primary goal was to ignite curiosity and cultivate a lifelong passion for learning among all its visitors.

Over the span of 60 years, MAS has grown into one of Georgia’s most esteemed museums, proudly holding national accreditation. The museum firmly believes that exposing people to art, animals, science, and nature, along with providing interactive opportunities for play and exploration, plays a pivotal role in fostering:

  1. Knowledge,
  2. Appreciation, and
  3. Respect for the world we inhabit.

When you step into MAS, you can be certain that you are immersing yourself in an environment that encourages personal growth and exploration.

Explore the Intersection of Art and Science: Unveiling the Wonders at MAS

The Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences (MAS) offers a plethora of opportunities to delve into the realms of art and science, where their boundaries often intertwine. While boasting several captivating permanent exhibits, MAS continually introduces fresh and exciting works, ensuring every visit is a unique experience.

Indulge in the world of fine arts within their diverse galleries, where you can admire the creations of talented and distinct artists. The rotating exhibits focus on art, shedding new light on special collections that resonate with Macon’s residents and communities.

For those seeking a hands-on encounter, The Discovery House awaits with three floors of interactive exhibits that span art, science, and humanities. Channel your creativity in the Artist’s Garret, using your body to craft masterpieces in the Light Box, or immerse yourself in poetic inspiration in The Humanist’s Study amid butterflies and arrowheads. Embark on a fossil expedition beneath a 40 million-year-old whale fossil, test your meteorological skills in The Scientist’s Workshop, or marvel at the Mini Zoo’s collection of over 70 live animals, including lemurs, pythons, and owls.

Embrace the cosmos in the Mark Smith Planetarium, a cutting-edge, full-dome facility equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology, offering a captivating and up-close view of the celestial wonders.

Unlock Exclusive Insights: MAS VIP Experiences Await!

At the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, beyond its carefully curated exhibits, lies a realm of VIP experiences that offer a deeper exploration into the museum’s inner workings. The VIP Art Curator Experience invites you to discover the intricacies of the museum and its exhibits. Unravel the mysteries of how art is acquired, preserved, and cared for. Gain an understanding of the meticulous process behind selecting specific exhibits and delve into the treasures brought forth from the vault.

For astronomy enthusiasts, the Planetarium Curator Experience is a celestial journey like no other. Traverse all three floors of the planetarium, including the rooftop, and be amazed by the inner workings of computers, projectors, and the sound system. Take the helm of the planetarium and learn the art of creating your own mesmerizing cosmic experiences from the comfort of your home!

Animal lovers will relish the Animal Curator Experience. A unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the museum’s most captivating creatures. Collaborate with animal curators, gaining insights into the intricacies of feeding, housing, and enriching the lives of these fascinating beings.

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Embark on an Adventurous Family Experience at the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences!

If you’re seeking an exciting adventure for the whole family, look no further than the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences (MAS). This remarkable museum offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. With ever-changing exhibits and captivating activities, there’s always something new to uncover at MAS. Be sure to visit their website for details on hours, membership options, and additional information.

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