Midwives of Macon: Empowering Women on Their Pregnancy Journey

Embracing the Journey: Expert Midwife Care at Midwives of Macon

Welcoming a new life into the world is a meaningful and awe-inspiring experience, especially for first-time mothers navigating the complexities of labor and delivery. Many women turn to midwives to alleviate fears and address childbirth questions. A midwife is a highly skilled and trained healthcare professional who provides comprehensive care to women from adolescence through menopause. While midwives excel in pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care, their expertise extends to supporting women through all stages of life. At Midwives of Macon, women receive exceptional care from a dedicated team of experienced midwives committed to delivering top-quality support.

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Midwives of Macon: Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive Midwifery Care

Midwives of Macon stand proudly as the premier midwifery service in middle Georgia, offering unparalleled 24/7 care that sets them apart. Their skilled team of midwives collaborates closely with OB/GYN physicians and surgeons to provide friendly and comprehensive care tailored to women’s unique needs. Their primary goal is to ensure the best possible pregnancy and childbirth experience for every mother they serve.

Meet Their Compassionate Team

At Midwives of Macon, the team comprises dedicated professionals passionate about their work. Jeri Willeby, Ashley Amos, Laura Callaway, Alison Fitzgerald, Jessica Alligood, and Kristen Henning, alongside OB/GYNs Dr. John Barnes and Dr. Stephen Durso, work together to support normal, low-risk pregnancies and high-risk patients throughout their pregnancy journey. They believe in a collaborative approach, ensuring that our patients receive the utmost care, whether vaginal or cesarean delivery. Patients can rotate through the team, establishing a familiar and trusting relationship with all staff members. Their practice locations include Navicent Health (The Medical Center of Central Georgia) and Coliseum Hospital.

Comprehensive Women’s Health Care at Midwives of Macon

Beyond delivering babies, midwives are essential to women’s overall health. They offer various services, including annual checkups, physicals, pap smears, and personalized birth control assessments. Their compassionate care extends to adolescents and older women going through the transformative phase of menopause.

Empowering Women through Expert Midwifery Services at Midwives of Macon

Midwives of Macon offer a vital range of services that support women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Their expertly trained midwives excel in fetal monitoring, assisting with labor and delivery, and providing hydrotherapy in a hospital setting.

Choose the Alluring Care of Midwives

Mothers-to-be seeking around-the-clock assistance find midwife care to be an alluring choice. Their midwives are ready to assist with low-risk births at any hour of the day or night. The team collaborates with experienced doctors and surgeons for more complex pregnancies and deliveries to ensure the best outcomes for mothers and babies.

Committed to Evidence-Based, Low-Intervention Care

Certified nurse-midwives at Midwives of Macon are dedicated to providing evidence-based, low-intervention care throughout a woman’s lifetime. They believe in supporting birth without unnecessary medical intervention when complications are absent. Educating patients about various birthing options, medication interventions, and birthing procedures to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated delivery is a priority.

Additional Support and Information

Beyond delivery assistance, their midwives provide valuable post-delivery support, particularly for women who have chosen to breastfeed. For live chats, information, and question-and-answer opportunities, follow Midwives of Macon on Facebook.

Visit The Convenient Location

You can find Midwives of Macon at 1062 Forsyth Street Suite 3B Macon, GA 31201, at their Navicent Health Center location. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., while closed on weekends.

Empowering Women through the Journey

Having a midwife as part of your pregnancy and labor team can make the process smoother and more empowering. At Midwives of Macon, they provide friendly, comprehensive, and woman-focused care throughout pregnancy and beyond. Serving women in the central Georgia area, they are dedicated to ensuring positive experiences for all our patients.

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Midwives of Macon
Midwives of Macon

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