Dickey Farms for Fresh Georgia-Grown Peaches and a Day Out!

There is little better than a fresh Georgia-grown peach, and Dickey Farms is the perfect place to get some! 

About Dickey Farms

Located at 3440 Musella Road, Dickey Farms has been operating for over 125 years and is known as Georgia’s oldest continuously operating peach packinghouse! While the long white building is iconic today, the packinghouse was built in 1936 by Robert L. Dickey with lumber from the land. Robert Dickey was an innovator and a multitasker: he worked as a postmaster, undertaker, depot agent, and general store manager when he began working the peach farm life!

Dickey Farms originally utilized mules to plow the orchards and transport peaches. That is until Robert Dickey introduced labor-saving equipment like Georgia’s first brushing machine to remove peach fuzz. That is a hydro cooling system to remove field dust, slow ripening, and refrigerated railroad cars. The farm was one of the first to use impressive processes and equipment like this. That put them ahead of the game, which enabled them to continue to produce the highest quality peaches to this day! 

Dickey Farms Activities and Treats

Dickey Farms has quite a bit to offer regarding activities and delicious treats on the farm and the general store! You’ll be able to grab peaches, pecans, gift shop items, and merch throughout the year, in-store and online. A few things you can find in the store include the following: t-shirts, amaretto peach pecan preserves, bear jam, collectible baby bibs, Back to the Basics baked good mixes, Dickey Farm’s blackberry and blueberry syrup, Dickey Farms bloody mary mix, blueberry jam, tea bags, candied jalapenos, salad dressings, puzzles, collectibles, and even pre-packaged gift boxes or sets. More goodies include the Berry good breakfast box, back-to-the-basics pancake and waffle mix, old-fashioned peach slices, country cured ham, and Traffic Jam. 

Dickey Farms has plenty of seasonal activities like fall events and farm tours. During a guided tour of Dickey Farms, you’ll be able to watch the process of peaches coming in from the orchards and peaches being sent to stores. Other events include the following: tours of the history of Musella and the Georgia Peach, farming in Georgia, learning about the importance of eating locally grown fruit, seeing packing line, equipment, the cooler room, and finally, you’ll be able to sample peaches! You can even pick your own overripe peaches during group tours from the packing line! Field trips and school events can be arranged, with the farm providing many fun and learning opportunities! The farm also has a beautiful playground and rock-away chairs perfect for relaxing outside the packing house.

Dicky Farms Specialty

Dickey Farms has generations of the family operating the farm. They often had three generations working together to bring fresh peaches and goods to the nation. While growing and offering two types of peaches, the farm provides handpicked curated peach boxes during their shipping season when the peaches are perfectly ripe! Even if you’re not in the area, you can quickly get these wonderful peaches and products shipped to you! 

Dickey Farms

With a long history and generations of love poured into it, Dickey Farms has become a staple for the area, and even the nation, in its beautiful peaches! You won’t want to miss out on them!

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